Your First Visit to a Psychiatrist


What you need to know

The first visit to a psychiatrist will usually be the most nerve-racking due to the uncertainty. The good news is that there are some ways to take some pressure off yourself and help the process.

Your first appointment

The first consultation is like a two-way interview. Your psychiatrist will do an initial assessment and suggest a treatment plan going forward. You also ‘interview’ the psychiatrist and see if you could work together and determine if the treatment plan suits your needs and expectations.

Be prepared

Take a moment to check the exact time of your appointment, find out how to get to the rooms from the homepage of Dr Comrie’s website and arrive 15 minutes before. At the time of writing, the Covid Screening for the clinic could add 5-10 minutes to this. All these factors can increase anxiety if you are not properly prepared.

If you are nervous, bring a friend or family member. They may be asked questions if you are willing to allow this. The more information we have, the clearer the picture.

Making some notes can help you prepare:

  • What are your main complaints
  • What are your expectations of the visit?
  • Any medical conditions?
  • Psychiatric history – your own and your family’s?
  • Previous or current medication, how they worked, any side effects?

Dr Comrie’s process

The Mind Kind Doctor has a collaborative, holistic approach to managing mental health. Mental health issues are multifaceted and complex and sadly, there are no ‘quick fixes’ so the focus is on the person as a whole

Dr Comrie will listen to her client, assess the issue and advise on potential treatment options which will definitely include behavioral changes as well as psychotherapy and may include medication

The client will also have to do the ‘mental work’ to meet Dr Comrie half way.  

Psychiatric medication such as antidepressants do not work overnight. They may take up to a month to start having an effect, especially if symptoms are severe. Dr Comrie may give temporary medication which can relieve symptoms whilst the psychiatric medication takes time to work. The psychiatric medication balances the underlying neurotransmitters (brain hormones) that result in symptoms.

You can make an appointment here.

Stay Safe. Covid-19 affects us all. To learn more follow this link to the Government's online resource & news portal.